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What to Know About Getting Quotes From an Interstate Removals Company

Hazel Bailey

You have put a lot of time and energy into your interstate move, taking enough time to find a suitable removals company and ironing out all the details of the process. On the D-day, your mover comes and hikes the price, indicating that the items are more than what you initially discussed. While this may sound uncommon, it is what many people go through even after taking the time to find a good removals company for their move.

A moving quote should essentially give you an accurate idea of what you will spend for the process before it actually happens. Therefore, it beats logic that your removalist would increase the price on the moving day. Most people find themselves in such a situation due to failure to understand the process of getting quotes for their relocation. To avoid incurring unexpected costs, here are some things that you should know when getting quotes for your move.

Organize for an in-home inspection

It is natural that you may not give the actual quantity of items that you have when approaching a company. Both under- and over-representing your belongings will cost you in the long run. Ask for a home inspection so that the company can quantify your items and give an accurate quote. This will save you from being overcharged in cases where movers find that you have more things than what they anticipated. Also, it will help them look at your furniture and determine the best equipment to help in loading it onto the truck.

Ask for complete estimates

One mistake that most people make is getting incomplete estimates from the removalist. This often results in misunderstandings on the moving day. Ensure that the quotes you get from various companies are inclusive of all the moving costs based on the package that you are taking. If the mover calculates costs based on the distance, they should give you an accurate quote since you are moving to a different state. This will allow you to make informed comparisons between companies.

Get a weight-based quote

Moving companies charge either based on weight or volume (in cubic feet). It is easy for a firm to overcharge you if they charge on volume. Therefore, go for a company that charges based on the weight. In fact, most legit movers charge based on weight, in Kgs or pounds. This means that even if you have bulky and large items like furniture, you won't pay more for them.

Follow these tips to ensure that you get accurate estimates from your removalist for the interstate move. Also, ask for a full, written quote that's signed by the company. This will protect you from being charged more than what is indicated on the document in the event that a disagreement arises during the process.