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Moving House: Essential Equipment and Supplies for Moving Furniture and Appliances

Hazel Bailey

The process of moving furniture and appliance from your current house to a moving truck can be difficult. Therefore, if you are preparing to move, you should acquire the right pieces of equipment for the project. Appropriate machines and tool will reduce the strain of carrying large items into the vehicle and shorten the time spent on loading the truck. Also, the equipment will minimise the risk of damage to the household assets. Here are the essential tools and supplies that you should obtain during a removal project:

Furniture and Utility Dollies

You should hire some dollies to help you handle lifting and removing bulky items in your home. A furniture dolly is useful for moving large and bulky items, especially the furniture pieces. This equipment consists of four wheels and a large flat base. It is stable and sturdy enough to handle most heavy loads. However, you should make sure that the items are secured. Utility dollies are upright and have only two wheels. They are useful for moving large packed cartons. If you have large appliances, you might have to get an appliance dolly because they can handle more weight and bulk.

Hoisting and Moving Straps

If you have large household items which cannot fit through the doors or corridors, you should consider acquiring some hoisting straps. For example, mattresses and armoires might be difficult to carry out. In this case, your movers or packing crew can use the lifting straps to remove the items from the windows manually. Only experienced professionals should perform this process. Also, you should get moving belts when purchasing your supplies. These ropes are essential for tying down your furniture, appliances and other items in the vehicle for optimal stability.

Stair Rollers

You should consider obtaining a stair roller for your moving project if you have to pass through a stairwell during the removal process. The roller is attached to the steps, creating a smooth surface. After installation, you can smoothly roll down your weighty furniture and other large items down the staircase. This moving supply is particularly useful if your stairs are carpeted. The floor covering increases resistance when moving, making it hard for objects to slide downwards.

If you are using a professional removalist like Atkins Removals & Storage Pty Ltd, you should inquire about their ability to provide the necessary moving equipment and supplies. You can cut your moving costs significantly by using their assets instead of purchasing the provisions or renting from another company.