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Portable Self Storage Units Can Be Used in Many Different Applications

Hazel Bailey

Having enough storage space for all your items is often an ongoing challenge. In order to remain organised, it is sometimes necessary to consider other storage options for your home or office. Portable self storage units provide you with the flexibility of keeping all your items safe and in good condition, while controlling clutter on your premises.

All too often, we see garages, rooms and closets overflowing with stuff. This makes it difficult to access anything for use, and it often adds unnecessary stress. In addition, when you lose something, finding it can become a nightmare.

Portable self storage units are portable containers that give you a better way to store your items. They are a smart, efficient way to store, regardless of your specific situation, although using a 24 hour self storage solution could also be a good solution. 

Why Choose Portable self storage units?


Keeping your stuff in the garage, overflowing closets and other spaces may leave you items vulnerable to getting lost or stolen. With storage units, you get a secure steel-framed container that properly houses your belongings. The extra space also gives you more options for arranging your items, making it less likely to have your items getting lost.

Access whenever you need it

Need to grab something from the unit at a moment's notice? No problem. You maintain access to the unit whenever you need it.

Delivery options

Portable storage units can be delivered to your desired location at the time and date of your choosing. You can also keep it on-site for as long as you prefer, and the container can be moved to secure storage centres when you don't need it.

Great options for moving

Are you moving out of state? Portable self storage units are convenient options for packing and transporting your items. They offer added security and flexibility during the moving process, especially over long distances.

Applications for Portable Self storage units

Long-term storage: for those who need to put away items for extended periods of time, these units give you the ability to do so without having to get rid of your beloved items.

Business storage: are you renovating your office space or moving to a new business location? You can store your sensitive and heavy-duty equipment safely in a portable storage unit.

Industrial storage: if undertaking an industrial project, these storage units can be placed strategically onsite. Different equipment and items can be used and stored for the duration of the project at a lower cost.