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Tips for Moving to a New House with Your Pet

Hazel Bailey

According to reports, Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership per household. At least two out of five homes have a pet. It explains the affection Australians have for pets. However, moving with your pet is not just a matter of putting the dog or cat in the car and starting the journey. A lot of consideration has to go into your preparation when you are planning to move with your pet. This article provides tips to ease the process of moving to a new house when pets are involved.

Get Pets Used to Crates -- If you have more than one pet, the chances are that you need to move them in crates. Regardless of how comfortable you make the containers, there is every possibility that your pets will not get into them. For a smooth moving day, ensure that your pets are acclimated to the process. Have your pet get used to staying in a crate. For example, begin by placing your pets' feeding bowls inside the crates a few weeks before the moving day. As they start to get used to the new system, increase the amount of time they spend in the boxes by rewarding them. Reinforce this behavior by taking the pets for short drives while in the crates. Once they are used to containers, your pets will not cause a scene on the day of moving.

Transfer Veterinary Records Early -- If you are moving far away from your pet's current veterinarian, it is best to transfer the medical records to a vet in your new location. The transfer should be done a few days before you move. If your pet falls sick when you are moving, then their new vet will be in a position to help. You can ask for referrals from your current vet or even from the removal company you have hired.

Have a Pet Sitter on Moving Day -- When removalists are hauling bulky, and fragile furniture such as vases and chandeliers, then the last thing they want is a pet on the loose. Trying to maintain balance while at the same time watching out for your dog's paw is not what removalists asked for when you hired them. Additionally, when pets see strangers moving furniture out of the house, they tend to become agitated. For this reason, it is best to get a pet sitter who will calm and take care of your pets. Note that the pet sitter can be your kids or neighbors kids.

For more information and tips, contact a local removalists team.