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The Benefits of Hiring a Removalist to Move Your Home or Office

Hazel Bailey

Do you plan to move your home or office? Working with a removalist can significantly ease the removals process. The excerpt below discusses why you should work with removalists, as opposed to conducting the removals yourself. 


Professional removalists provide consultation services on the following;  

  1. How to prepare for removals. For instance, how can you get rid of old furniture and electronics? You also need an inventory of every item in your home.
  2. How to secure permits for interstate and international removals.
  3. Most removalists do not transport pets and expensive items, such as paintings and jewellery. However, they can advise how you can transport such items. 


The removalists will pack your items to prevent damage during the move. For instance, furniture and electronics need to be dismantled to ensure they occupy limited space in the removals truck. Additionally, you may need wrapping blankets and furniture pads to prevent scratches and chips on the furniture. Most removalists will also provide packing boxes and unpack and arrange items in your new residence. 

Storage Services

You may need temporary or permanent storage services as you relocate. For example, take a situation where you will be moving into a smaller or incomplete house. The removalist will drop your things at a storage facility of your choice. Some professionals provide personalised storage services. For instance, you may opt for full-service storage where the removalists will store your things and bring them to your doorstep at your request. Alternatively, you could ask the removalists to provide a moving container. 


Removals insurance is a cover that provides compensation for lost and damaged items. Most removalists provide this cover. Read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. For example, some companies will only offer compensation for items packed by the removalists. 

Time and Cost Saving

The removalists will inspect your home to examine the scope of works. This will help them choose a suitable truck and personnel for your project. If you opt to conduct the move by yourself, you risk selecting a smaller or larger vehicle than you need. Besides, removalists have trained staff who have specialised equipment such as lifting straps, trolleys and staircase climbers that make it easy for them to move heavy and irregularly shaped items. If you are on a budget, the removalists can provide backloading services where you share a removals truck or use one that is on a return journey. You may also take advantage of slow-season discounts. 

Working with removalists has immense benefits. When choosing removalists, inquire about their licencing, experience and services provided. Additionally, compare quotes, and check the professional's terms and conditions.