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Inquiries to Make When Narrowing Down Your Options of Removalists

Hazel Bailey

When you're planning a relocation, one of your priorities should be enlisting the right help since this will facilitate a streamlined move. Nonetheless, the moment you start shopping around for removalists, you will likely become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of companies available. From small companies that promise to provide you with their complete attention throughout the relocation to larger entities that guarantee a wealth of experience, it can be confusing determining which option would be the best fit for your needs.

Certainly, price does play a crucial role. But you should note that it is hard to quantify excellent service delivery. So how do you whittle down the choices available? While there is a multitude of factors that you can take into consideration, this piece outlines a few inquiries to make that can help you narrow down your options of removalists.

Do they offer insurance?

One of the first factors to take into consideration when shopping for the right moving company is whether they provide insurance. Most reputable removalists will be equipped with both public liability and goods-in-transit insurance policies, both of which protect one's belongings and property during the relocation. Public liability works to ensure that you are reimbursed in the event the moving company causes damage to any of the properties involved in the relocation, whether it is the previous house or the new one.

Goods in transit (referred to as GIT insurance), on the other hand, works to ensure you are reimbursed for property loss if the truck is subject to theft or if it gets into an accident while transporting your items, leading to irreparable damage. Take note, though, that none of these policies cover accidental harm to your belongings, such as if your items are to fall to the ground when being handled. For this scenario, you may need to request additional coverage. 

Do they offer storage facilities?

Once you have whittled down your options to removalists that offer insurance during your relocation, you can narrow down this list further by inquiring about the provision of storage. While you may be planning to move into your new house directly from the older one, there is always the chance of unforeseen delays. In some instances, you may find that previous tenants of your new home have not vacated, so you will have to make separate arrangements to house your items for a day or more.

In other cases, you could be moving interstate and opt to send your belongings ahead of time, which would mandate you to make storage arrangements until you make your way to the new house. Whatever the case, reputable removalists should be able to accommodate your needs for a small fee. Some may even offer this as a complimentary service if you have requested it in advance.