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Moving to a new city? How to help your kids settle in as soon as possible

Hazel Bailey

Long distance moves can be quite stressful for you as an adult. But imagine how much harder it must be for your kids. The pressure of starting afresh as well as fear of the unknown can easily exert a toll on young children.

You can make long distance moving much easier for children by keeping the following tips in mind.

1.    Make your kids excited about the move

While change may be difficult for kids to deal with, most children love an adventure. Try to frame the move as a new adventure in the kids' lives. Talk about any new experiences that they can expect, and give them a taste of the new city through pictures, videos, and stories.

Try to focus on the positive aspects of the move, such as making new friends and getting to see new places.

2.    Make the move as smooth as possible

An easy way to make your kids stressed about the move is by being disorganised. Packing at the last minute and running around frantically will make children associate the move with stress and tension. However, proper planning for a move will make your children associate the transition with positive experiences.

To ensure a smooth long-distance move, start planning early. Involve your kids by using colour-coded labels for boxes, playing music when packing, and letting them handle their own possessions from time to time. This will make your children feel like part of the process and thus reduce any stress or anxiety. Hiring a professional removalist will reduce the work and pressure involved with the move as well since you won't have to carry all the boxes.

3.    Keep them busy as soon as they arrive

Having children remain idle is a sure way of inviting unnecessary stress and frustration. Even before moving, make sure you identify what your children can engage in to remain busy. For example, you can enrol them in a local sports club where they will spend time during weekends or over the holidays.

The key is to engage them in activities that they love and were doing before the move.

4.    Add some flavour to their new rooms

Moving can be fun for kids because they get to start afresh. At your new home, let your kids pick which room they love best and give them enough freedom to arrange it how they like. Work with them when repainting the walls, positioning their bed, and hanging decorations.

You should also put some money aside to buy new toys that the kids will be excited about. With a comfortable room, your kids will have a good starting point from where they can adjust to the new city.