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5 Reasons To Use Plastic Packing Crates For Your Move

Hazel Bailey

Plenty of people continue to use cardboard boxes when they are moving house. While cardboard boxes can do the job, it's actually wiser to use plastic packing crates instead. These can often be provided by a removal company, and they offer a wide range of attractive benefits. Here are just five.

1. Better Weatherproofing

Cardboard boxes might work perfectly on pleasant days, but any moisture in the air can weaken the material and damage what is inside. With plastic packing crates, this isn't something to worry about. Even persistent rain won't damage their structural integrity or penetrate your belongings.

2. Supports Heavier Loads

Both cardboard boxes and plastic packing crates offer plenty of space, but the latter offers far better support. If you use a cardboard box to hold too much weight, the bottom can fall through. At best, that means having to clean up everything that dropped out; at worst, it means irreparably damaging expensive or irreplaceable items. Plastic packing crates can take up much more weight. It's very unlikely you'll pack them so heavily that the bottom falls through.

3. Better Protection  

Cardboard is thin and flexible, so it provides little in the way of protection against accidental bumps and scrapes. If a box is dropped or even just knocked against something, whatever is inside can be damaged. Plastic packing crates are made with protection in mind, so they're strong enough to protect items from damage during transportation.

4. Superior Stacking

Cardboard boxes can be stacked on top of each other, but they aren't really designed with that in mind. They won't fit together very well, which means they can topple over when stacked too high. They also can't hold much weight, so you need to be careful about putting boxes on top of each other. In contrast, plastic packing crates will have been made to fit together when stacked and take plenty of weight. That isn't just great when you're putting crates in the van — it also makes them easy to ferry around with dollies.

5. Easy Access

A plastic packing crate can be quickly opened and then securely closed using cable ties, whereas cardboard moving boxes generally need to be taped shut. This can be somewhat inconvenient since taping a box shut makes it harder to take things in and out or check on what's already been packed. Since time is usually an important factor when you're packing and unpacking, it only makes sense to go with storage that can be quickly and effortlessly accessed.

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