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9 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Commercial Removalists

Hazel Bailey

If you are planning to relocate your business soon, you need to hire an office removalist that you can trust. Moving an office involves more specialized work than residential moving. Because of that, your removalist should be able to offer you specialized services that are suited to commercial moving projects.

To ensure that you hire the right commercial removalist for your coming business relocation, ask commercial movers the following questions before you hire them.

1. Do you have a portfolio of your work history?

First, you need to find out how much experience a commercial mover has with moving businesses from one location to another. If a removalist can provide you with a portfolio of former moves they have taken on, along with their work history and some testimonials from previous customers, that is a good sign.

2. Can you provide a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved?

A good commercial removalist should be willing to give you a comprehensive rundown of the costs involved. Details of the cost should include whether they charge hourly or not, and exactly what they can offer you for the quoted price.

3. What equipment are you willing to move?

This question is important because you may have equipment that is unique to your business. As such, you need to know that your commercial removalist can move your equipment before you choose them. For instance, if you need to move servers and computers to your new business location, you'll need a mover that is both experienced and able to do so.

4. Will you protect the flooring during the move?

Office or commercial moves often require movers to move heavy and large items, including furniture and equipment. If your floors lack protection, they might suffer damage during your move. This is especially important if you are renting office space, as the building manager will want to ensure the floors have sufficient protection.

5. Do you have your own storage facility?

If you plan to invest in some new equipment or furniture for your new business premises, you may need some temporary storage. For instance, you may want to place your old furniture into storage rather than take it to your new location. You can also use a storage facility to store new furniture and equipment until you move.

6. Do you have your own installers?

The less disruption to your business operation during your move, the better it is for your business. If a potential commercial removalist can provide installers that can remove and install equipment and furniture at your new business location, you may be able to save valuable time.

7. Do you provide packing supplies?

Sourcing appropriate packing supplies can be a challenge when you have a business to run. A good commercial removalist should be able to provide you with packing materials for your equipment. Those packing materials should be sturdy enough to provide adequate protection for your equipment, furniture and products.

8. Can you take care of the packing process?

Another way that you can continue to run your business during the moving process is to have a commercial removalist take care of the packing process for you. Having your own staff pack for a move will prevent you from running your business. So, to save time, be sure to hire a commercial removalist that can provide packing services.

9. Are you fully insured?

Make sure you ask commercial movers if they are insured or not. And find out how comprehensive the coverage is. You may need to purchase additional insurance if a removalist doesn't provide comprehensive coverage for all of your items. Removal companies have no legal obligation to provide insurance in Australia, so this is something you must check before you hire.

Commercial moving is more complicated and involved than residential moving. As such, be sure to ask these questions before you commit to hiring a removalist for your business relocation.